Monday, September 1, 2008

Ben's Last Night Here

So today is Ben's last day here. We spent the day up at my mom and dad's house just hanging out. We ate Ribeyes and Potato Casserole. Ben said it was in his top three for his mid-tour. I did a photo shoot with them. They turned out pretty cute huh:
I got really sad when they said good bye. 
And when we were saying our good night prayers we always say God bless Mom, Dad, Olivia, and Toby. 
Liv added "And Lacey"
And I said "And Ben" 
Liv said "Awwwww" 
I said "Are you sad cause Ben had to go bye bye?"
Liv said "yes" with the saddest little face. 
We will all miss him terribly...Till the next time we get to see them together...I can's wait.

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