Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rancid H2o Show

Oh my good. My dream come true right? blood sugar issues let me down again. 
I spent all day on my feet doing a photography gig for my dad. I wore flip flops but if I would have known how sore my feet would have been I never would have brought heels for the show. But I HAD to be cute and wear my most uncomfortable stilettos. Worst idea ever but I had to pee almost the whole hour long car ride there and wasn't thinking straight. (Which also caused me to bring in my suitcase of a purse only to be broken by the force of the mosh pit) 

So I got there right in time for H2o. Totally excited to see my 2 most favorite bands ever. So we get right up front which I thought was a fabulous idea at first until half way into the first song I completely lose hearing in my right ear. (We were right next to the stack of 3 huge speakers) They were awesome and I was on cloud nine till the last song when I realize that I hadn't eaten since lunch and feel like I am about to faint. So I take off my shoes and just stand there till Rancid come on.

As soon as Rancid comes on though I get knocked into a million times, which was fine except for:
1. It broke my purse strap. 
2. There was a girl jumping behind me and every time she did her boobs and fupa were hitting me in my head and back.
3. There was a group of like five 10 year old boys who I was gonna smush an kill if I feel on top of them. 

Half way into the set Kevin is over it and says he's gonna go in the back. Of course I didn't want to go so I stayed but a few songs after he left I started to feel like I was going to faint again, but this time my eyes started to get all blurry and my ears started to blur everything out. I turned around to find Dena or Angi but they had gone too. So I started to make my way to the back and couldn't find anyone I knew. Two guys on the way out asked me if I was ok because I looked bad so I figured I should get some air and find Kevin. Found him upstairs, ate a slice of pizza and felt 10x better. But now there was no going back. It was so crowded that I was never going to get a spot where I could see so I went back in and listened to one last song (Riot, and one of my favs) and then we left. 

I can't believe I left early from the show of my life...blood sugar issues ruin my life! 

All in all it was as awesome experience though. H2o was amazing, Rancid was too (what I saw) and I got a Paul Frank h2o was a good night after all. 


  1. wow! what an adventure! I hate when blood pressure ruins your night! :)

  2. uhhhh, OK, I give up, what the heck is "fupa"??? lol....and for future reference---keep a small pack of peanuts or a candy bar in your pocketbook!!!