Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Strike Part 3: God Will Provide

Money...ugh. I love and hate this part of this of the story. We barely made enough money to cover our bills with Kevin working full time. So I knew this would be a place where God would really be able to come through for us.

Now God had put a couple of things in place before this all started, that would really help us out. Toby's last preschool tuition payment was in June. And my car was also paid off in June. So when the strike started in July, our bills were $350 less than in June.

God has also provided other ways for us to make money since the strike started. Kevin and I were able to work for my dad at a weekend event. Saturday and Sunday were both 12 hour days, so that was plenty of hours to get paid for. Also, my brother and sister in law own a Vintage shop and were going on vacation for the week. They allowed me to work in their shop and payed me for that. So those, along with his $216 a week paycheck from the union have been a such a help.

This Strike has also allowed Kevin to do something he loves to make some extra money. He put it out there, on instagram, that he would be bbq-ing six tri-tips and that people could pay for him to cook them. Well, the first time, that 6 tri-tips turned into 13! 13 people wanted him to make tri-tips for them. Amazing. And so he decided to do it 2 weeks later, and said he would make 10, well 20 people wanted them. It has been so cool to see him be able to do something he loves and make some money doing it. He is so good at it, and I wish he could do something with food for a living. But the food business is neither guaranteed, nor very family friendly. But this opportunity has been really good to get his name, and reputation for being an amazing bbq-er out there. I really hope he can continue to do stuff like this.

Food...this was another area where I knew God need to come through for us. I spend $400 a month on groceries. And I knew that this was one of the only "bills" where we could cut back on. The first week, a handful of wives from Kevin's work, went down to the ebt office to apply for ebt. They got it no problem. So the 2nd week, I went in and applied myself. Well, we got denied. They said that we made way too much money, BEFORE the strike. (Like that matters at all, if we were getting paid that, we wouldn't be here right now!!) But as we walked out, I cried. Not because we didn't get it when a ton of other people from him work did, but because I knew God would provide another way. Maybe the people that got the ebt from Kevin's work needed it more. I don't know. I didn't know why that was a yes for them, and a no for us. But I felt God moving in that moment. So I chose to trust Him in this. Give this situation to Him and just prayed for Him to provide in another way. And He Has!!! We have not paid for a single weeks groceries the entire strike. SO MANY friends have given us gift cards for grocery stores. And some even brought us bags of groceries. SUCH a blessing this has been. That God has used our friends and family to provide for us in this area. We have even gotten two $100 gift cards. (!!) And one of those $100 gift cards, along with another gift card from Staters were slipped in our mailbox from "friends" No names, just complete anonymous blessings. (WOW right!?!)

And remember when I said "Its not like God is just going to hand us money"?? Well a couple of friends have even written us checks. Just "Handed" us money. And gift cards too. So blown away by the generosity of our family and friends. And NONE of those people are in a position to be handing out money. All of them are in the same tight budget we are in now, and that is what makes it even more amazing. Also, business for me , with Ankle Biters, has really picked up. And people are not just buying things, but tipping me generously for it. Again, just "handing" me extra money. Blows my mind every time. HE WILL PROVIDE. So Thankful...