Friday, November 28, 2008



Not a lick of food for me. Sick, achy, and noxious all day long. The flu had gotten me. 

Such a bummer because Thanksgiving is my ALL TIME favorite meal. Tried to do left overs for lunch today. Just not the same. 

Did do Black Friday though (at noon). Stood in line at Kohls for an hour fifteen. Went to Toys R Us and nothing I bought was on sale :o( 

All in all...I can't wait for Christmas to make up for this disaster of a holiday.

But even being sick I still am thankful for a lot of things:
God, who has finally after years of prayer finally instilled a fire in me to want to know Him on a personal level. He has blessed me with many intimate and personal insights that continue to blow my mind and leave me wanting more of Him. 
My Family, especially my mom, I wouldn't survive if it weren't for her. Her absolute selflessness for her family and amazing heart for God and others amaze me. She has made me into the woman I am today and I could not be more thankful for her. 
Our financial Situation, though it is grim, is making me realize what I truly need in life. The material things I have had to give up can not even compare to the realization that God will take care of our needs no matter what. I am continually amazed that we can get by with one income...even though it is not enough to pay our bills...God is Good!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Things We Do for Love

So the sickness continues... No more puking, but now (heres the tmi) it's coming out the other end. The kids pretty much had the EXACT same flu. SO weird. Toby throws up, then Liv does too. (And they eat the same thing so it looks exactly the same...gross) An today they both do their business out the other end and it is the same color too. SOOO weird. And the weirdest part is how I am so incredibly intrigued by all this. 

So they both are just lounging around yesterday and no puke so I think I have got off pretty easy. So finally after dinner the kids are jumping in their bounce house (yes, their personal bounce house that I blow up when we are all bored with life) Toby comes over, sits on my lap, (I thought it was because I had a loaf pan on pumpkin bread that I was eating for desert) and lets out this urp.

Oh it comes again, and before I had time to think about anything else I am catching his puke in the loaf pan with a quarter of my pumpkin loaf still in it. 

Well... there goes my desert

Sunday, November 23, 2008


How Amazing is this picture...Thanks Amanda

Big Day

Today started with Olivia walking into our bedroom, wet diaper in hand giggling and announcing to us that she had pooped. This is weird for 2 reasons:
1. She is still in her crib and rarely gets out by herself
2. She was wearing a blanket sleeper to bed

So... I'm assuming she woke up, jumped out of  her crib, unzipped her blanket sleeper, took off her diaper, went poop, (or we are assuming since there was no evidence) put her blanket sleeper back on, zipped it up, grabbed her wet diaper, and came in to wake us up.

So I asked her if this means she is ready for her big girl bed. (Quick side note: Her big girl has been in my room since her birthday but every time I asked her if she wanted it she said "Noooooooooo" and went screaming into her room to hug her crib) This time, much to my surprise she said "Yeah" and I said "So you want to get rid of your crib?" And she said "Yeah!!!" 

 So before her nap, I made a big fuss of putting it in, letting her try it out and show dad, and she did great. Got up once to grab a toy but laid right back down to play with it until she fell asleep. 

And tonight got right in, we did our nightly rountine of prayer, the itsy bitsy spider, ABC song, count to 10, and the wheels on the bus, (complete with the Toto on the bus goes wa wa wa, the Livy on the bus goes ha ha ha, the mama on the bus goes shh shh shh, and the dad on the bus goes snor snor snor... Liv made that one up) kiss and squeeze, and down she went. No fuss at all. I'm scared for the novelty to wear off but she's a pretty well self controlled two year old so I am hoping this is a smooth transition. 

So I'm feeling pretty good for like 5 minutes until I hear Toby scream. This is weird because he never wakes up. So I run in and his face looks wet. I'm thinking holy crap, it's not that hot. So I simotaneiously feel it and smell him at the same time.

DISGUSTING... Puke. (Weak stomaches stop reading now)

Full pasta noodles (apparently he swallows them whole and doesn't chew them) from dinner and refried beans from lunch oozing from his mouth. And it just wouldn't stop. Like a full minute of oozing...I don't know how he was still breathing. 

This is the first time he has thrown up food...and I was just thinking today after hearing that other kids I know have gone through it, how happy I was that mine hadn't. Dang it...I forgot to knock on wood. So I am on guard, on my third load of towels and blankets, afraid to go to sleep only to wake up to more puking. I REALLY hope Liv doesn't get this too but I know they were sharing cups today. Well, at least I have this week off (Thank you Redlands School District modified schedule) and can nurse them back to health. Since I have only thrown up once in my adult life from being sick and only once that I can remember as a child, I was hoping they wouldn't either. We'll see...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

No Time..

To catch up. I feel horrible I haven't been keeping up on my blogging. I think about it everyday, what I should write, but I never get a chance to actually do it. I also started journals for Olivia and Toby a year ago, writing them letters and such, and realized that I haven't written in them since August. (What kind of Mama am I?)  

So busy...I worked three days in a row this week. High School PE. It made me realize how important it is to raise your children right. I seriously don't ever want my babies to grow up. I hate working three days in a row. I don't know how moms do it. I realize how much I love nap time. It is my sanity. Having Olivia and Toby on the same napping schedule is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I really miss my two hours of freedom when I work. I usually use the time to catch up on my tivo, blog, and just lounge. When I work I don't get that time and it really effects my head. Plus, I'm such a loser so I have to come home on my lunch break to see my babies. Seriously, I drive 15 minutes round trip from whatever school I am at to get 15-25 minutes (depends on the school) with my little loves. I have to or else I don't see them until 3:30 or so and 3 1/2 hours with them a day is jut not enough. 

Let me think about the last few weeks...what has happened? 

Oh yeah, I did the baby swat meet. Made some sweet tutus and am going to be putting them on my etsy site soon. P.S. My friend Amber is AMAZING. She did the swap meet and tutus with me and you should have seen us (trying) to make tuts with a 3, 2, and two 1 year olds running around. I love her dearly because she is the one mom who is as crazy as I am. 

Ok so I read this blog and realized that it is as messy as my head is... I'm gonna stop now.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I hate Politics

So I had to let this stew for a few days so I didn't go spouting off and upsetting anyone. I just really hate politics. Maybe it's because I am so uncomfortable with confrontation but any political subject, especially for president, just rubs me the wrong way. People get so weird when it comes to this stuff. I see way to many people jumping on bandwagons without knowing anything of substance. 

I really didn't know who to vote for. I watch all the debates, which left me feeling as confused as ever. It was a big game of "he said this" and "No, I really said this". The whole thing just annoyed me. So I took way too many of those stupid online quizzes to see whose view I align with the most and every single one I was pretty much dead in the middle. SO annoying.

So when it came down to it...I just voted for the republican. Just because that's what I think I am. Not because I hate Obama, and not because I love McCain, but because I really have a hard time believing anything either one of them said. And for some reason (heres where I offend someone) Obama just rubs me the wrong way. I don't know why. Maybe its because he counts with his thumb first instead of his pointer, (haha...that just made me chuckle, such a dumb reason) maybe because I felt that he used metaphors a lot to skirt around questions in the debates, I don't really know.

I was relieved when Obama won though. I am so glad that this country could see past his race and see a man who wants to change this country brick by brick. Kevin was saying "Isn't it weird, that history is made today and we are going to have a black president?" For me, it doesn't seem weird, hes still a man after all. What I think is weird that is that people think it's weird. I guess because I think people are people, and I am the most color blind person I know. 

But Kevin made me really upset today, not him but what he told me people have been telling him. He said he hs heard from several different sources that Obama has already refused to be sworn in as president with his hand on the Bible. Really...refused? I mean, I understand that if you don't believe in Him then swearing over His Word wouldn't mean anything to you but if nothing else, doesn't tradition count for anything? Kevin also said that he heard that Obama has turned his back to the flag when the national anthem has been played on every occasion that has been recorded. Now this I know is probably just hear say but it still upsets me to hear a rumor of that disrespectful caliber. 

I don't know. It's hard to believe what people say but this just makes that funny feeling I had about him grow to stomach pains. I hope, I mean really hope, that Obama does what he says he is going to. I pray that he will bring the change that it much needed for this country, and this world to survive for my children's children. 

Only God knows what's to come...but I am SO anxious to see!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Naughty Little Girl

So the last week or so Liv has become very sneeky. When she wants to play with something she knows shes not supposed to she goes under her crib to do it...eww right? In the last week I have caught her under there with:
1. A sucker from her treat bag...that was way back on the kitchen counter
2. A crystal light powder container...eating it like fun dip
3. My red lip gloss from her costume...all over her "lips" (from chin to nose)
4. My zit cream...rubbing it all over her legs like lotion

Today I was so fed up I couldn't even spank her. I grabbed her out and cleaned off half the tube of my cream off her legs and told her to go it in the naughty chair. She tells me "ok...sorry mom" and goes and sits there.'s thats easy?