Thursday, November 6, 2008

I hate Politics

So I had to let this stew for a few days so I didn't go spouting off and upsetting anyone. I just really hate politics. Maybe it's because I am so uncomfortable with confrontation but any political subject, especially for president, just rubs me the wrong way. People get so weird when it comes to this stuff. I see way to many people jumping on bandwagons without knowing anything of substance. 

I really didn't know who to vote for. I watch all the debates, which left me feeling as confused as ever. It was a big game of "he said this" and "No, I really said this". The whole thing just annoyed me. So I took way too many of those stupid online quizzes to see whose view I align with the most and every single one I was pretty much dead in the middle. SO annoying.

So when it came down to it...I just voted for the republican. Just because that's what I think I am. Not because I hate Obama, and not because I love McCain, but because I really have a hard time believing anything either one of them said. And for some reason (heres where I offend someone) Obama just rubs me the wrong way. I don't know why. Maybe its because he counts with his thumb first instead of his pointer, (haha...that just made me chuckle, such a dumb reason) maybe because I felt that he used metaphors a lot to skirt around questions in the debates, I don't really know.

I was relieved when Obama won though. I am so glad that this country could see past his race and see a man who wants to change this country brick by brick. Kevin was saying "Isn't it weird, that history is made today and we are going to have a black president?" For me, it doesn't seem weird, hes still a man after all. What I think is weird that is that people think it's weird. I guess because I think people are people, and I am the most color blind person I know. 

But Kevin made me really upset today, not him but what he told me people have been telling him. He said he hs heard from several different sources that Obama has already refused to be sworn in as president with his hand on the Bible. Really...refused? I mean, I understand that if you don't believe in Him then swearing over His Word wouldn't mean anything to you but if nothing else, doesn't tradition count for anything? Kevin also said that he heard that Obama has turned his back to the flag when the national anthem has been played on every occasion that has been recorded. Now this I know is probably just hear say but it still upsets me to hear a rumor of that disrespectful caliber. 

I don't know. It's hard to believe what people say but this just makes that funny feeling I had about him grow to stomach pains. I hope, I mean really hope, that Obama does what he says he is going to. I pray that he will bring the change that it much needed for this country, and this world to survive for my children's children. 

Only God knows what's to come...but I am SO anxious to see!


  1. Lauren, you are writing the words of my HEART. This was the toughest election for me yet and I felt a bit defeated when Obama won, yet... there was no good choice. Something about both of them was more politician than person.

    I had a few people come over randomly the night before the election and one of them said, "we need to know that God is forever and America is not". Just the thought of that freaks me out. It makes me want to pray for our nation- for our President- more than ever!

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