Friday, November 28, 2008



Not a lick of food for me. Sick, achy, and noxious all day long. The flu had gotten me. 

Such a bummer because Thanksgiving is my ALL TIME favorite meal. Tried to do left overs for lunch today. Just not the same. 

Did do Black Friday though (at noon). Stood in line at Kohls for an hour fifteen. Went to Toys R Us and nothing I bought was on sale :o( 

All in all...I can't wait for Christmas to make up for this disaster of a holiday.

But even being sick I still am thankful for a lot of things:
God, who has finally after years of prayer finally instilled a fire in me to want to know Him on a personal level. He has blessed me with many intimate and personal insights that continue to blow my mind and leave me wanting more of Him. 
My Family, especially my mom, I wouldn't survive if it weren't for her. Her absolute selflessness for her family and amazing heart for God and others amaze me. She has made me into the woman I am today and I could not be more thankful for her. 
Our financial Situation, though it is grim, is making me realize what I truly need in life. The material things I have had to give up can not even compare to the realization that God will take care of our needs no matter what. I am continually amazed that we can get by with one income...even though it is not enough to pay our bills...God is Good!


  1. I was reading this post and wondering, did you mean nauseous when you wrote noxious. Because nauseous seems to fit with a list of our symptoms better but "sick, achy and noxious" is too funny. Maybe you are just being truthful. If I were honest with myself I'd have to say I am pretty noxious when I am sick as well :o)