Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Things We Do for Love

So the sickness continues... No more puking, but now (heres the tmi) it's coming out the other end. The kids pretty much had the EXACT same flu. SO weird. Toby throws up, then Liv does too. (And they eat the same thing so it looks exactly the same...gross) An today they both do their business out the other end and it is the same color too. SOOO weird. And the weirdest part is how I am so incredibly intrigued by all this. 

So they both are just lounging around yesterday and no puke so I think I have got off pretty easy. So finally after dinner the kids are jumping in their bounce house (yes, their personal bounce house that I blow up when we are all bored with life) Toby comes over, sits on my lap, (I thought it was because I had a loaf pan on pumpkin bread that I was eating for desert) and lets out this urp.

Oh Gosh...here it comes again, and before I had time to think about anything else I am catching his puke in the loaf pan with a quarter of my pumpkin loaf still in it. 

Well... there goes my desert


  1. I guess I should start preparing for these moments :) I hope everyone is back to normal now. And by the way, is it bad that I would fell more upset about losing the rest of my pumpkin loaf?