Sunday, November 23, 2008

Big Day

Today started with Olivia walking into our bedroom, wet diaper in hand giggling and announcing to us that she had pooped. This is weird for 2 reasons:
1. She is still in her crib and rarely gets out by herself
2. She was wearing a blanket sleeper to bed

So... I'm assuming she woke up, jumped out of  her crib, unzipped her blanket sleeper, took off her diaper, went poop, (or we are assuming since there was no evidence) put her blanket sleeper back on, zipped it up, grabbed her wet diaper, and came in to wake us up.

So I asked her if this means she is ready for her big girl bed. (Quick side note: Her big girl has been in my room since her birthday but every time I asked her if she wanted it she said "Noooooooooo" and went screaming into her room to hug her crib) This time, much to my surprise she said "Yeah" and I said "So you want to get rid of your crib?" And she said "Yeah!!!" 

 So before her nap, I made a big fuss of putting it in, letting her try it out and show dad, and she did great. Got up once to grab a toy but laid right back down to play with it until she fell asleep. 

And tonight got right in, we did our nightly rountine of prayer, the itsy bitsy spider, ABC song, count to 10, and the wheels on the bus, (complete with the Toto on the bus goes wa wa wa, the Livy on the bus goes ha ha ha, the mama on the bus goes shh shh shh, and the dad on the bus goes snor snor snor... Liv made that one up) kiss and squeeze, and down she went. No fuss at all. I'm scared for the novelty to wear off but she's a pretty well self controlled two year old so I am hoping this is a smooth transition. 

So I'm feeling pretty good for like 5 minutes until I hear Toby scream. This is weird because he never wakes up. So I run in and his face looks wet. I'm thinking holy crap, it's not that hot. So I simotaneiously feel it and smell him at the same time.

DISGUSTING... Puke. (Weak stomaches stop reading now)

Full pasta noodles (apparently he swallows them whole and doesn't chew them) from dinner and refried beans from lunch oozing from his mouth. And it just wouldn't stop. Like a full minute of oozing...I don't know how he was still breathing. 

This is the first time he has thrown up food...and I was just thinking today after hearing that other kids I know have gone through it, how happy I was that mine hadn't. Dang it...I forgot to knock on wood. So I am on guard, on my third load of towels and blankets, afraid to go to sleep only to wake up to more puking. I REALLY hope Liv doesn't get this too but I know they were sharing cups today. Well, at least I have this week off (Thank you Redlands School District modified schedule) and can nurse them back to health. Since I have only thrown up once in my adult life from being sick and only once that I can remember as a child, I was hoping they wouldn't either. We'll see...

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