Monday, September 15, 2008

Beach Day

Yesterday we went to the Laguna Beach with the other Fisher Fam. (As well as Grandma and Papa Wasbotten.) We had an awesome time. 

Olivia had a great time playing in the water, trying to keep up with Ayden, and chasing sandwich stealing birds. "Oh no mama, Oh no...No Nootch (sandwich) bird, No Nootch" Oh well, I guess the bird needed her pb & j more than she did. I loved watching her start off so scared of all the sea animals and noises in the beginning of the day to trying to run towards the waves and petting the crabs before we left. Her curiosity and energy continues to amaze me. 

Toby suprised the heck out of me. I though he (and I) would not have a good time at all but he loved the water, the waves, and watching everyone have a good time. I took him out of his pack and play home to put him in the tide pools. I thought he would just sit there but much to my surprise he took off, over plenty if rough rocks, to everyone else. He was fearless. It was amazing to watch my little baby (who cant even walk) move around the tide pools like a little crab man pro. He had such a good time. And after that we put him on the hard sand (he hated the soft sand) and he was crawling towards the waves and when they would come he would crawl back as fast as his little knees could take him. It was so fun to watch him having fun like a real kid and not the little baby I tend to see him as. 

They are getting so big so fast and it times like these that really get me appreciating the time I have with them while they are so young and curious. Watching them figure out the world around them is a most amazing experience. Just sitting back and watching them from afar, I feel like my life was complete, like all I need is my family and the vast ocean before us. It was by far the best family outing we've ever had. (Not to mention the fell asleep 5 minutes into the car ride and slept the entire way home) It was a beautiful day and beautiful memories were made.

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