Monday, September 22, 2008

Olivia Loves to Sing

So it started out with the Curious George soundtrack and I then the Cars songs...and  I though I loved that. But her new favorite cd is the Mary Rice Hopkins Kids Praise Songs.
Straight from the 80's and my childhood but so good none the less. I just can't get enough of her little voice singing Jesus and Hallelujah. I seriously want to cry every time I hear her little voice singing those words about the Creator of her little life. 

It makes me wonder so much what is God to her. Is He just the guy who made hippos? (which is what one of the songs are about) Does she think He is her friend or just someone to talk to? I just can't wait to have a conversation with her when she can actually express to me what He is to her so I can in turn tell her what He means to me. I seriously can't wait...(tears pouring down my cheeks right now)



  1. LOOOOVED hearing those sweet sweet voices

  2. aw!!!! I love that she loves Jesus! and Toby walking!? yay!

  3. Dang!!! We go away for a week, and Toby starts walking??--you know nana needs video of this event!