Sunday, August 31, 2008

So Much New Stuff

Well, its been a while and I've meant to write...

Saturday August 23rd: Lacey and Ben's Reception much fun. Margarita Man, tons of family and friends, new skirt (thanks Carynn) and then...I had to break my toe. Well maybe not break but definitely ruined my little toe nail...all purple (pic to come).

Sunday August 24th: We decided to go to Vegas a night early and stay at state line. Good idea becuase me and Kevin won enough money to pay for the room and breakfast the next morning. Plus, it extended our vacation to seem a little longer.

Monday August 25th: Breakfast, Shopping, Rollar Coaster at Buffalo Bills and head to VEGAS!!! Monday was awesome, we went to Mortons for dinner.

Tuesday August 26th: More fun, got to get into a pink room: So much better, my favorite bed ever...
Also went to Bassita's for dinner, (free wine with your meal...always a good time) Jacuzzi, and then went to the House of Blues club "The Foundation Room"for drinks. I <3>

Wednesday August 25th: Time to go home...Cinnamon roll french toast and In-N-Out...SO GOOD

Its was an amazing weekend, even though I missed Olivia and Toby way too much. It is good to be home. 

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