Monday, January 26, 2009

Olivia's Quotes for the Day

Liv cracks me up... She is starting to talk so much more. (even though I can still only understand half of her sentences...I still get the point) I have said before that she is the most grateful and polite 2 year old I know. She says thank you or no thank you for everything. Even to Toby which just cracks me up. 

Today we were in the car and the sun came out from behind the clouds. She says to me "Mom, I need my eyes" (her sunglasses) Before I had a chance to reach for them she said "Oh... tay-tu (thank you) Mack" I look her way and see that a semi truck had pulled up next to us and blocked the sun from her eyes. She is just giggling with delight, like "Mack" did it on purpose and says "Mom...Mack helped eyes...oh tay-tu Mack" 

On the flip side, every time I tell her to do something she says "No tay-tu Mom" or "Not yet Mom" I love creative they can get with "no".

But seriously, she is just the sweetest thing...and I just can't get enough of her these days.

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