Sunday, January 4, 2009

Amazingly Good News

We finally got our computer fixed. We have been having issues with the battery for over 6 months now but couldn't afford to get a new one. So of course we waited until the computer wouldn't even turn on anymore before we decided to go and take it in. The first appt they had was New Years Day (of course) and I really didn't feel like going. But I sucked it up and walked in to a familiar face. It was my friend Jeanie's brother. He recognized us from a birthday party and ended up being able to exchange our battery FOR FREE!!!! I can't even tell you the joy that went through my body when he told me this news. I seriously felt tears welling up in my eyes as we walked out the door with a brand new battery and power adapter. I feel like God has been seriously taking care of us lately and this is just another example of His faithfulness to our family. We really couldn't afford a new battery but we need our computer. I have been so frugal with our money and always feel like stuff like this is too good to be true. This kind of stuff never happens to us but I am SO thankful that this time it did.  

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