Sunday, January 11, 2009

The best Year of my life...

All 10 days of it...

I have kept my New Years Resolutions thus far. (and if you're mocking me saying haha, its only been 10 days then stop, because we all have to start somewhere!)

I have spent time with God everyday but one day. I am reading two books simotaniously and they are amazing. They are Love & Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs and The Love Dare. Because the are Christian books and use scripture to support all their claims, they count as my God time. Plus, both if them are about marriage, so they are teaching me new ways of looking at Kevin, our marriage, God, and myself. They are incredible and I feel like as long as I am reading them, I will keep focused on the prize. (Having the amazing marriage we started out with) The Love and Respect Book puts a whole new light on the same old fight we all have as married couples (Jen F, I will switch you this one for the good wife one you are reading when you are done because it is amazing) And the Love Dare is a short little daily devotional that dares you to do something different each day for your spouse to make them feel your love. I love it and it's so nice to do something nice for Kevin everyday, because I have slacked on that and he deserves it.  

Plus, I exercised 5 days last week. I know once I start working again this week it is going to be harder...ok close to keep this pace up but I am sure going to try because I love how it makes me feel. And the more I do it, the easier it gets. Im addicted and scared to miss a day in fear that I will realize how lazy I really am and won't have the energy to start up again... 
But I won't let that happen!

Things are going to good. I have to have faith that I can keep them up. I will, I will I will.


  1. Here are some more to add to your reading list! I love these and they've totally helped me in this role of wife and mom.

    Peacemakers by Ken Sande
    Let me be a woman by Elisabeth Elliot. (she is my favorite auther!)

    Keep up the good work.. I'm impressed!!


  2. I love you! And am your biggest fan! Im so excited for you

  3. I am so happy for you on your new journey. I will continue to pray for your motivation to stay strong.!

  4. You are amazing! And I have no doubt the next 355 days will be just as fruitful.

    Kyle & I started reading the Love Dare together awhile back. It's really opened our eyes and it's exciting to see what the next day holds for your relationship.

    Love you Always!

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