Sunday, November 7, 2010

Zuzu Pet

Miss Liv has been wanted a ZuZu pet for a while now. But at $9 a piece this was going to take some work on her part. Now there is another thing that Miss Liv has been doing forever...and that is waking me up 3 times a night to go pee. She wakes up almost every 3 hours and goes pee and wants me to tuck her back in to bed. Now after almost a year of this (I know I should have done it sooner...dont judge me) I had had it. So we made a reward chart and if she went pee by herself and tucked herself back into bed she would get a sticker. After 6 stickers, she would get her ZuZu pet. She did amazing...should have done this sooner. After 2 days of the chart she was sleeping through the night and only getting up to pee once. So we go and get the ZuZu pet and she grabs it. "Thank you mom, but she needs an outfit" Here is "furry" in her "outfit.


  1. No judging here! I'm sure a full nights sleep is the worth the reward!

  2. How fun! You are such a great mom! xoxo