Monday, August 17, 2009


If you know Olivia at all you know that she is like that sour patch kid commercial. She is sour one minute but oh so sweet the next. I want to remember the sweet things she says. Here are some of them from the last few days.

Kevin was singing a song out loud about Toby and he was screaming every time Kevin would start up. Olivia stops him and says "Dada, I don't think Toby Likes that song"

We were at church and getting out of the car. I tried to give Toby his bible but he wanted nothing to do with it. Looking on concerned, she turns to Toby and says, "But Toby, Jesus loves you"

And she is constantly talking about her cousins. This quote is by far my favorite though. "Mama, I love my cousins, they look out for me"

And I forgot one: Last week the kids were sick. I was putting Toby to bed and she opened the door to tell him "Toby, I hope you feel better"

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  1. So darn cute!! My 2 yr old is so amazing. she sings Hannah Montana songs its amazing and truely a blessing to have kids.. what does ur hubs do?