Thursday, April 23, 2009


In attempts to get all I can out of my new Disneyland pass I decided to take the kids on our first solo trip.  (Angi and Jeanie...wish you could have come too!!) Of course there are no pictures, I brought my camera but couldn't get them to sit still ANYWHERE to document our trip.

If you think I am crazy for taking two kids under three (and a stroller) to an amusement park by myself you are not alone...I thought the same thing but tried not to think about it too much or I would have never done it. 

It was amazing. SO SO hot, but amazing. It wasn't so crowded because of the heat so the longest we waited for any ride was 10 mins. (It was the Casey Jr. Train and the highlight of Toby's day)

We were armed with plenty of water, shorts and tanks, and a very handy squirt bottle. They even kept filling our cups with ice for free, which really surprised me for some reason. Overall it was a success. No melt downs, very relaxed, and a wonderful day with just the babes. 

P.S. Poor Liv seems to get her fix of traumatizing events every time though. The first time is was Pinnochio, this time it was the Buzz Lightyear ride. Can't anyone warn you your kids are going to freak when they let you on the ride?!?! It is part my fault for wanting to go on every ride we possibly can, but does anyone know any other rides we should steer clear of?


  1. So fun! I didn't think D-Land gave anything out for free! Good to know.

  2. Me neither...but I was a happy (and much cooler) mama!