Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This Girl...

...has my heart. 
Figuratively and literally I am being to see. This morning we were watching Handy Manny and the kids on the show were sad because they were tearing down this old Carousel. I look over at her and she has this horribly sad look on her face. When she saw me looking at her she said "Mommmmm" (Like she does so much) 
I said what's the matter. 
She said "I sad" 
I asked her why?
She says "They sad"
I said you're sad because they're sad.
She said "yeah"
I have the worst (or best...it depends on the situation) empathy for people. When I see a persons feelings, I automatically have them right along with them. I am just always worried about how other people feel. She has it bad too. My sweet little girl has the same empathic heart as her mama. 

Moments after that Toby pooped and so I grabbed him to change his diaper. (which he hates and fights me to the death every time) He started screaming so I turned around to ask Liv to grab his stuggle (his blanket) only to find her holding it in her hand trying to hand it to him. She is seriously the most thoughtful 2 year old I have ever met and she amazes me with her attention to others besides herself everyday. I love to see her character unfolding already.

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