Thursday, October 2, 2008

Its October!!!

I finally (a day late) decorated for Halloween. I put up my tree yesterday so the kids would get to see it, touch it, and hopefully the novelty would wear off before I put the decorations on. But that was just wishful thinking. As soon as they saw it they both ran (yes..toby too who is walking now) up to it, Liv screaming "Halloween". They both just kept looking at it laughing hysterically. I love them laughing and looking together. It melts my heart to see them actually getting along. 
I told them not to touch the ornaments so Liv (she's too clever for her own good) kept touching them with the back of her hand and Toby would CRACK up every time so I couldn't even scold her because I was laughing with them so hard. It's times like these when I love being a mom. When I can stop trying to mold them and just enjoy life for a minute. 

Toby is going to be a golfer Photobucket

Liv is going to be a Geisha Girl and I am making her and Stella baby kimonos. They are going to be so dang cute. My mom bought her this ridiculously amazing!

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