Friday, October 10, 2008

I didn't want to jump the gun

But Olivia is officially potty trained!!! Thanks God, I was so tired of cleaning up pee stains. She has been dry for a whole week. And even dry 3 days during her naps.

This was a hard process for the both of us though. I don't know why but I took it very personally when ever she had an accident. I know in my heart that it is not a reflection on me at all but I couldn't help but feel that way. I have heard people say that they did it casually and their kids still did it in two weeks. I had to ask her if she had to pee every 30 minutes for two weeks straight before she finally got it. I guess I am just an over achiever but I really thought I could do it in a few days. 

I know I'm lame...but I am an over achiever. 

I'm just so glad it's done. Now she tells me she has to "Poo try" when she has to go...I love the words she comes up with but it makes it a little hard when anyone else in watching her. (church or the gym)

With all that said, I am very proud of my girl who constantly wants to wear her Lightning McQueen panties and still asks for two M&M's everytime she goes pee. I give her one for going pee on the potty, but she always wants one more for "I dry two treats" Of course can I not. So sweet! 

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