Monday, October 27, 2008

Harvest Festival

We decided to drive to Fontana for the Oasis Harvest Festival on Sunday night (Even thought it started 45 minutes before Toby's bedtime and it was 25 minutes away) all for the sake of some candy and one more chance  for Liv to wear her costume. (That I spent way to much time making to only wear it once) Liv had a blast trunk-or-treating and playing games. Every time we went up to the people with candy I would ask her what do you say? She kept saying "Please" instead of Trick-or-Treat. Hey, at least she polite right? Toby didn't have such a good time. He was tired and just wanted to run free. Of course we wouldn't let him so needless to say he was pretty mad. Poor Toby...It's rough being a baby.

Olivia was more than happy to let me do a photo shoot but Toby was being a pill and wouldn't keep him newsboy cap on. Hes such a stink! 

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