Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Early Birthday Party for Toby

So I tried to walk into Olivias room today only to have the door slammed in my face. I opened it and again and was promptly notified that a party for Toby was in the works and I needed to stay out till she was ready. So a minute later she calls Toby and me in. She had quite the set up. Her table set for two with plates and forks, two of her purses stuffed full of trinkets, and her purple leopard print party hat in hand. As Toby came in, she put the hat on his head (complete with neck strap) and told him "Happy Birfday Tobo" They both glowed with happiness...smiling with their entire faces...I'm sure I had the same sort of smile on my face. Then she told him that he had 2 presents to open. She pointed to the first one and said "This one is from Jesus, and this one is from Mary", she said pointing to the second one. Playing along I gasped, "Jesus and his mom came to Toby's party to give him presents?" Logically she told me yes and instructed Toby to open them. As he took one toy out after the next she says "Wow Toby...Jesus knew exactly what you wanted." I had to chuckle at that one. Then came the present from Mary. As he took the toys out of that one she said to me "Mom...Mary must have went shopping in my closet." Toby played this off every bit as much as she did, gasping with surprise with every "new" toy he pulled from the bag.

I LOVE that their imaginations go together so well. They always play along with each others crazy stories and always add new crazy things so whatever they are playing. I know it wont always be that way...but I sure enjoy watching it while it lasts!

So next came the cupcakes. Still wearing the purple jaguar party hat, Toby pulls up and sits at her table. She brings him over a play cupcake and pretends to fill a little glass with something from her little kitchen faucet. "This is pink lemonaide" she tells him. And follows with "Toby, just pretend this hat is a Geo hat and not a jaguar one" (Toby keeps telling me he wants a Team Umizoomi party and Geo is one of the characters on that show) Next she demands "Mom, lets sing" So we sang the Happy Birthday song as loud as we could. Toby sang too, and blew out his invisible candles. And not two seconds after he blew out his candles does Liv say " turn" So sweet. And everyone gets a turn right?

This is one of those moments I would love to have gotten on tape. So I can play it over and over when they are older and remember their sweet imaginations. I love these times and I LOVE that I get to stay at home with them to spend these times together with them. It's time like these that make all their craziness worth it. I love these kids...and I love being Olivia and Toby's mom.


  1. the fact that she gave Jesus & Mary the credit, blows me away!
    you just can't get any better than that.

    You are such an incredible mom & you can see that in the lives of Liv & Toby!

  2. They need their own t.v. show! I love them!

  3. So glad you wrote this down....I wish I could have been there too!