Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Brag Alert * Brag Alert * Brag Alert

So it's time for a Brag Alert. I have FINALLY got back into the 130's!!! (139.5lbs to be exact) That is 16 pounds down in 16 weeks. Yeah for me!! Now for the back story.

About a month before the Run Through Redlands I was at my heavest. (156 pounds) I sat there are looked at the scale thinking omg....I am closer to 160 than 150 and besides that, 156 is the heavest I have EVER been. So I knew the Run Through Redlands was coming up and that would be a good excuse to exercise. I really wanted to do the 10k but thought I should just do the 5k because I knew I could do that. But a good friend gave me some great advise. She said "If you want to do the 10k then do it. There is no excuses. Too many mamas sit there and make excuse after excuse to why they cant do stuff. We need to set goals and accomplish them." That advise kicked my butt into gear. I decided that I would do the 10k and that I WOULD get into the 130's again. I started running at least 3 days a week and started eating 5-6 small meals a day. Well, I am so very pleased to say that it took 4 months (16 long weeks of only losing a pound a week) but I have accomplished both goals. I did the 10k (6 miles), in fact I have ran 8 miles since then and I am now 139.5 pounds. And I am not stopping there. Now that I have reached these goals it's time for me to set some more. So here is is: Out there for everyone to see and keep me accountable for.


1 Get down to 135lbs. (and stay there)

2. I will run the half marathon in the Run Through Redlands 2011.

Thanks for listening and for all the support and the affirming comments. They have kept me going for sure!


  1. SO proud of you!
    and you look beautiful!

  2. Brag all you want.. I'll always listen! So proud of you and your goals:) Being proud of yourself makes you that much better of a mom. Keep working hard.