Monday, May 3, 2010

Oh Liv!

Today my sweet girl told a lie. Now thi isn't the first time, but most of the time she is exactly like her mama and blurts out the truth a second after shes told the lie. But today was different. Today a cookie was at stake.

So I went to put Kinzie to bed and told Olivia to eat 1 carrot stick before I got back and I would give her a cookie. Now if you have seen this girl eat, you know that it takes her FOREVER to eat anything. So when I get back, all 3 carrots that were on the plate were gone. She opened her mouth to show me that she has eaten them. In amazement I asked her if she had eaten all of them. She said yes and I was such a proud that I promptly gave her the cookie.

After the amazement left my mind and I started to realize that it would have taken a miracle for her to finish 3 carrots in that time, I went over to the trash and opened it, hoping I wasn't going to see what I thought I was going to see....but sure enough, I see almost the entire 3 carrots sitting on top of the trash pile...bummed.

So I take the cookie out of her hand and explain to her that she does not get her cookie now since she lied to me about eating the carrots. Surprisingly, she didn't protest, she just walked up to me, looked up at me with those big brown eyes and said to me...wait for it... "Mama...can you pray with me?"

Oh my goodness, I couldn't have been more proud of her and my parenting in that minute. We sat and prayed that God would forgive us for lying and thanking Him that he forgives us when we make bad choices. We said Amen together and I think we both walked away feeling very victorious.

There are so many times when you feel like a failure as a parent...but I am so thankful for these moments that make those other moments not matter one bit.


  1. LOVE this. What an amazing spirit that girl has. Oh, and her mom's pretty cool too.

  2. I heart her so much!