Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jesus drives a trash truck

Some stories just need to be blogged about. This one in particular.

So Tuesday morning the trash trucks woke us all up. (Its really SO annoying that 3 trash trucks have to reverse down our culdesac with their back up beeps blaring at 6am every Tuesday but thats a whole different rant) So when we were leaving the house Olivia saw the trash cans out front and said in her little excited voice, "Mom, jesus picked up our trash" I was a little confused so I asked her "Jesus drives a trash truck?" She laughs and says, "Yeah Mom, He picks up our trash in his trash truck." I asked her where He took the trash after he picked it up in his truck and she told me "He takes it to his house." That was that, she had nothing else to say so I chalked it up to her beautiful imagination and left it at that.

The next day she shut Toby in our hot garage and locked the door behind him. I was more than fed up with their fighting by this time of the day and feeling pretty dramatic (me...dramatic...I know?!?!) so I scolded her that Toby could DIE if he got stuck in the hot garage. With the straightest face she could give me she told me "Its ok mom, we could just put him in the trash can and Jesus can pick him up and take him home with him."

Just then I realized why Jesus drives a trash truck in her mind. A couple of months ago, there was a dead bird in our back yard.I dutifully picked him up with the dust pan and threw him in the trash can. Olivia was very sad that he could fly anymore so I told her the truth...that now he gets to go by with Jesus up in Heaven. And else would he get there if Jesus didn't pick him up in his fancy ride...the trash truck...on their way up to Heaven?