Monday, August 8, 2011

Toby is 4!!!

Toby's Stats:
Age 4
42 inches tall
42 pounds

Toby...oh where do I start with Toby. Toby is SO FUNNY. He is constantly making us laugh. Whether it be a knock knock joke, (where the punch line is always BUTT, followed by extreme giggling) a silly face, or just taking a million miles a minute tell his version of some story,...he is always entertaining. He loves gymnastics. I love watching him try to do the moves, because he is slightly uncoordinated, but tires very hard. He is always the one in the class taking, or telling something he likes to the gymnastics teacher. His voice carries SO FAR. He does not have a quiet voice once so ever!

He eats SO much. More than almost double. Seriously, the kid can put down 3 hot dogs with problem. He will try and eat just about anything. But his favorites foods are cheeseburgers an cucumbers.

This last few months Toby has amazed us by doing a couple of things early for his age. At the beginning of the summer, at 3, he started swimming without floaties. My father-in-law offered him a granola bar if he would swim across the pool...and of course he jumped right in and swam the entire length. (I told you he LOVES food!) This summer, he also learned all of his letter. Uppercase, lowercase, and the sounds they make. I was doing them with Liv getting her ready for Kindergarten and he would just watch and listen. Eventually, he would start telling her the ones she didn't know. So I did the flash cards with him, and he knew every single one. I was one proud mama. Hopefully school will come easier for him than it did for me.

Toby loves his snuggle still. (His little blanket that he has had since he was born.) I tried to get rid of it this birthday, but he wasnt having it. Just cant relax without it. And I totally get it, I had my blankets till I was 10!! (ugh...right?!) So...I just let him have it at bed time now. And that works out just fine. Maybe next year!

Toby loves his family. He loves to play with his sissy all day long. Loves his mama SO MUCH! Tells me he loves me and blows me kisses all day long. I am soaking it up all I can while it lasts. He is such a sweet boy with me. So gentle and calm with me. (the exact opposite of how he is the rest of the day) He loves his dad. Loves to wrestle, have light saber fights, and throw any ball with him. He has to have daddy come in every night after prayers to sing "The itsy bitsy spider" which ends in the spider going up the Toby spout at the end and a tickle war always pursues.

Toby is such a happy kid. Loves to sing and dance, loves to watch movies and tv, loves to play outside, and loves anything with wheels. We are so lucky to have this boy in our lives. We love you Toby!!


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