Thursday, September 2, 2010

Toby the Love Bug

Lately Toby has been the biggest love bug.

One reason might be because hes 3. (My absolute favorite age)3 years olds are just least both of mine have been.

Another reason might be because now he is only allowed to have his snuggle and his thumb at nap and bed time. But he has quickly realized that he can get around that if he has some snuggle time with me on the couch. "Mom, can you come and snuggle wif me? Yes? ok I go get my haha (his snuggle)" I'm such a sucker for it that I let him have his snuggle and thumb because I love the that time so much.

One thing he has started to do is get up early and come into bed with me. He gets up around 6:45 and comes in my bed to rest and snuggle with me till I am ready to get up or until Olivia gets up. Every morning he climbs into bed with me, gets right in my face with a huge smile, tells me "Mama, you my best fwiend, i wub you watta much" and lays down next to me. He always puts his snuggle in between us so we can "share" it. I LOVE the way he smells in the morning and I love this time we get together.

Now this morning was different. He must have been pretty tired cause he slept in till almost 8. I had already gotten up and was getting ready. He comes in, looks at me sitting in my chair, and yells at me with his best stern voice "Mom, get in bed. I didn't get to snuggle wif you." With that tone I HAD to comply. I climbed back into bed and he climbed in after me and we proceeded to snuggle. Even though I was almost late for to drop Olivia off at school because of it, I wouldn't have given that moment up for anything.


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