Monday, June 14, 2010

New Things this week

Well...last a little behind.

Toby decided he wanted to be potty trained (Finally!!!) I have been trying to potty train him for almost 6 months now. He would always go pee (when I took him) but would never poop on the pot. So last Monday he yelled at me "I'm Peeing!!!" I didn't get what he was saying till he grabbed his little package so we ran to the bathroom and he went. And that was it...the entire day...he told me every single time he had to pee and even when he had to go poop! So I was super stoked. And feeling very has been a long and frustrating road since Olivia was potty completely trained in 3 days.

But then on Wednesday (a whopping 2 days after telling me he needs to go) I hear the toilet seat drop. Now this normally means that he is trying to get the tooth paste out of the medicine cabinet, so I yell at him to get out of the bathroom. But much to my surprise he yells back at me "Mom, Im peeing all myself" I didnt believe because he had never even pulled down his pants by himself. So I go heading twords the bathroom only to find him walking out of the bathroom, shorts all twisted around but back around his waste, with the BIGGEST and proudest smile. HE DID IT! All by himself. And has ever since.

Now part of this makes me very sad. My baby doesn't need me anymore. But then I think of his sister...who has been potty trained for a year and a half and still wants me to go into the bathroom with her while she pees and then I start to feel very thankful for his independence. I love how different my kids are. And all this is perfect timing because this same week:
I started babysitting my cousins baby Connor. He is 4 months old and a moose. (17lbs to be exact.) Reminds me so much of Toby when he was that age. Big beautiful round face...eats and smiles all the time. I love having a baby in the house again. I forgot how tiring it is though. How much they eat, pee, and sleep. And how you feel like you are going all day but actually get very little done. But it's ok. I know I have to build my baby stamina up and then we can accomplish much more. Olivia LOVES "Baby Connor" She doesn't leave his side most of the day. When she eats, she requests that he sits in his carrier next to her in the kitchen. During her "resting time", when he is getting tired of my face,I call her back in the room and he stops fussing immediately. I think he really does like her! Its so cute, she has taken on the mommy role quite fast. Every time I leave the room I come back to her in the fridge trying to get a bottle for him. When I ask her what she's doing she tells he "He's freaking out, he wants to eat" And the first day we were watching him, literally an hour after he got here she looks and me and sighs. I said "Whats the matter?" She says to me "Babysitting is tough" She's so funny, but she really is such a big help. I'm going to miss her when she goes to school in August...I think Connor and Toby will too.

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