Monday, June 29, 2009

Loving my Unemployed Life

So my mom started working today so I am officially a stay-at-home-mom. (I already have three play dates of sorts scheduled this week to prove it) I've been sitting here every morning drinking my coffee while they are eating breakfast thinking how stinkin lucky I am to be doing this. I get to do, by default, what I've always wanted to do. However...this fact scares me to death. I am going to be with my kids everyday for 7 days a week, with no Grammy to pawn them off on when I've had enough, or to drop one of them off when I am feeling overwhelmed by the duo. For the most part, it's just me now every second of the day. It's a little overwhelming to think about so I know that God and I are going to get a little closer here as I know I will need some supernatural help!!

On a lighter note. This boy of mine is getting pretty dang attached to me here. Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying every second of it because I know it won't last. Back story on this picture real quick. I used to lock them in Olivia's room with the baby gate, a movie, and some juice every morning while I would get ready so I could do so in peace. MOMS: This is not cruel. It was the best thing I have ever come up with. It was my 25 mins of sanity in the morning and made me such a better (and cleaner) mama to be don't hate. Anyways, since they are bigger now, I lock myself in my room with the baby gate to get ready so they can roam around the house and play. Even with this freedom though, they are constantly at the gate harassing me. (ugh) On this particular day, I put on a movie and put their chairs in front of Liv's tv so they could watch. I go in my room, lock myself in with the baby gate, and get in the shower. I come out a few minutes later to find this. He is watching the movie, in his chair, but he had moved his chair right in front of the gate just to be near his mama. What a sweetie.
And this is what was sitting next to me yesterday morning as I was checking my email (ok who am I kidding, I was checking my myspace...but doesnt that make me sound like a terrible mom ahhhhhh) Love this boy though!