Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Redlands Bike Classic 2011

Hi...I know it's been too long. I would promise to blog more...but life always gets in the way. (That and the fact that I might just have the most boring life in the world. No complaints though, I would take boring over drama any day of the week!)

So this weekend was the Bicycle Classic. Olivia got to race last year but Toby couldn't because you have to be 3. He has been looking forward and talking about it since last year, so he was super pumped that the time has come. They ride their bikes up and down our street a lot, and have gotten pretty fast, so I thought they might have a chance. We practiced on Thursday night and that didn't go so well. They did fine the first couple of times, laughing the whole way to the "finish line" But the third practice run wasn't so pretty.

Toby's foot slipped half way down the line, causing him to stop and watch Olivia finish the "race". She starts chanting "I won...I won" causing Toby to burst into tears. We set them back up for a 4th practice run and this is where it got ugly. They take off, giggles turned to grunting, smiles turned into looks of utter determination, each of them were GOING TO WIN. So they get to the finish line, dead even, and both decide, without even saying a word, that they were going to turn around and race back to the starting line. But Olivia (who is a little more conniving and a bit more clever that Toby) decides she has a better chance of winning if she hops off her bike and cuts off Toby. The only problem was that Toby was NOT stopping, no mater what was in his way. So...he ran her over. Full speed, just takes her out. She's hurt, Im trying not to laugh...we go inside and decided not to practice again.

So, Toby ended up winning his heat. 3 year old bike with training wheels...I was so proud. And so was he. He got a medal and the smile didnt come off his face for an hour.
Olivia took off strong. She was in first for about half way down tthe line. Then second, then third, then her petal fell off, and coasted into the finish in 4th place. No metal, but still in good spirits.
I love these races. It is so fun for them to do, and even more fun to watch.


  1. Her pedal fell off??? Hysterical!

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  3. This was a very good story, hooray for Toby. A win is a win no matter what ha ha.